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"I entered the Healing Massage Challenge and I have had my first 4 massages. What a gift to myself for Christmas!!!

Rennie is incredible, a professional massage therapist who is so committed to his craft! I didn't know what to expect from this amazing opportunity but it has been incredible. I have always been a healthy woman but this year I injured my shoulder and I've struggled with anxiety and depression for a few years too.

My massage therapy with Rennie has improved my welbeing without a doubt and has reduced the pain and frequency of pain in my shoulder!! I have chosen to be open to the holistic potential of Kahuna Massage and on my 4th visit I had an incredible emotional release.

I had a rather sudden depression two days earlier and I have had a issue with my jaw dislocating for over a decade now. I asked Rennie to work into my jaw and neck. My openness to the healing potential of the massage and Rennie's committment to his craft and providing results for his client combined to create a huge release and healing for my jaw and depression. There were tears and an outpouring of long held tension in my body.

I went away from that Massage with a new appreciation for my life and all I have been blessed with. I found it easy to laugh and be excited again my jaw has never felt better. I want more results like this. And I've got four more massages to go even deeper and further in to restoring my body and wellbeing. Why don't you give yourself this opportunity too. It can only be good!!!!"


"I'm a mum of 2 young boys and hardly have time for myself. I had broken my tailbone 4 times as a young kid and teenager and had a lot of hip and spine problems stemming from this, causing chronic back pain. The pain only got worse after having kids. I've tried everything from having regular chiropractic sessions, acupuncture, even regular physiotherapy sessions. Although these work temporarily (or until the next session) I was finding I'd have to attend up to twice a week just for some pain relief and it gets quite costly.

My partner wanted to do something nice for me, and as I had been dealing with quite severe back pain untreated for several months, he booked me in for a 90 min Ka Huna massage.

Well, I was impressed!!

Not only was the massage the most incredible experience I've had to date, but I walked away feeling little to no pain. The pressure had been relieved from my hips and lower back and the stress and tension that had consumed my mood from constantly being in pain was immediately lifted. I was even more surprised when it was about 4-6 weeks before I started to feel pressure in my lower back area again.

Rennie is so professional and takes great care to ensure he's applying enough pressure and that you're comfortable. I have since been back for another Ka Huna massage and found similar results. As long as my schedule permits, I will continue to receive Ka Huna massages from Rennie as I think the style of massage is well suited to my specific needs and would recommend to anyone to try it, as it is so effective for not just my physical pain, but stress relief and relaxation."

"Hi my name is Tara
While I was pregnant I had a kahuna pregnancy massage done every two weeks from week 18. It was a fantastic and different experience each time. I always felt relaxed, refreshed and energised at the end. But that wasn't the best part, I also got to connect with my baby!This massage helped me to focus on enjoying being pregnant and helped me to form a bond with my baby before he was born.

If you are looking for more than just a back rub, then I highly recommend this massage. Rennie was really professional and made me feel comfortable at all times.

Try this massage you won't regret it!"